February 27

I won’t be at work tomorrow; I’m calling in sexy.

Is it possible to spontaneously combust from trying to suppress meanness, cynicism, condescension, and general indifference? I might be in trouble. If you’re scheduled to be in _____, Brooklyn between the hours of 915am-730pm tomorrow, you might want to wear a poncho.

I’m as flawed as the next person, but why does work seem to bring out the worst in other people? Or is it just a delusion I’m living under that I’m good at my job, I care about doing a good job, and other people simply needed a reason to put pants on during the day?

I never watched the show ‘Seinfeld’, but when I discovered this clip, I became a fan. Okay, not a fan, but I like this clip.

The lesson I see most needed almost everyday is this: We don’t live in a bubble (though I hear that’s another ‘Seinfeld’ episode altogether).¬†We live in a society. We should act that way.

– – – – –
Image: Keith Haring, Exploding Head,1983. (Source)