Snow patrol

No, not the band. Me. I don’t know their music, but it must be better than my reality: I’m on the snow patrol. I get to make The Call.

That call would be one of the following:  “We have a delayed start.” Or, “We’re closing early.” Or,  “We’ve got a snow day.” Or my favorite, “Hell-no-it’s-only-5-inches-of-snow-get-your-butt-to work. Please.”

Why do I hate it? Well, for starters, I’m supposed to keep abreast of The Calls being made by the powers that be. Are the schools open? Has the governor called for a state of emergency? Is the 24-hour Dunkin Donuts going to close for the first time in a decade? It’s a lot to keep up with. I feel like I have to refresh my twitter feed every 2 minutes, to see if any city agencies have announced anything important, if any education reporters have the scoop (there are an inordinate number of education reporters in NYC) on what decisions are being made behind closed doors. I’ve already been called all-but-heartless* for not having made The Call already. Apparently, 730am tomorrow morning is too late to find out. It is exhausting.

As of the last half hour, NYC Schools have announced they’re open tomorrow. But, I have to wake up by 5am anyway, to see if conditions have called for a reversal on that. Luckily, my local Dunkin Donuts has never closed in the last decade.

*They never said heartless. More to the point, if others are to be believed, it’s already true.

So, here’s to the people who have already made The Call. May you enjoy your sleep-filled night, you bastards.

Here’s to the people who make The Call in style. Much props to the Durham Academy for the most awesome school closing announcement ever.