February 09


Going dutch

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 3.06.40 PM

From the Twitter page of Ireen Wüst, Dutch long track allround speed skater, and Olympic champion several times over.

[Olympics spoiler alert. Few people will read this, but  just in case…]

I was scanning Yahoo Sports and came across an article celebrating Dutch speed skater Ireen Wust for winning a gold medal in her third straight* Olympics. Hurray for Ireen!

It’s well established that I’m fond of the toilet humor, so cue the inevitable guffawing when this article featured a photo that Ireen retweeted from her fellow countryman’s account. It’s a photo of a woman (Ireen) sitting on a guy’s (Koen) shoulders, and the only words I can decipher are “super trots!” I thought to myself, well, that’s an awkward time for explosive diarrhea.

Thanks to freetranslation.com, I learned that what Koen actually said was: Gold for my roomie @Ireenw. I am super proud!  Not as funny, but super awesome anyway.

*Third straight Olympics might be a misnomer (or whatever is the term for inappropriate adjective?), given that the article also points out she’s the first openly gay athlete to medal at these games. Suck it Putin!