February 07

Like beating a puppy with a bag of kittens

…this day was only slightly better than an thumbtack colonic.

There were good parts, I think. I can’t remember them through the hazy rage that’s clouding my senses. It might not have been so bad, if the work day didn’t end until 830pm. Or if it didn’t take me three trains and two hours to get home.

And the best part – there’s a best part?!?!? Not really.

It’s not over yet. Because we lost internet at work today, I got to bring my work home tonight to do some of what I needed to do today, as well as the things that I might need to do tomorrow. I tried imagining a better life, free of the machines, free of technology that simultaneously brings us together, yet isolates us at the dinner table. Things were so simple 100 years ago….hell, even 50 years ago. But even that’s a fairy tale. Things sucked back then too. And they sucked without indoor plumbing.

See, I found something to be grateful about today.


This is what I saw in the mirror when I got home tonight, 15 hours after I left this morning. I swear.


*No puppies or kittens were harmed in the writing of this blog. Co-workers are another story…