A strange era of mainstream poop awareness

pooping-Mens HealthLook, I know that my ‘identity’ is kept hidden on this blog. But that doesn’t mean that this blog isn’t really who I am. I really am fascinated with poop, and other such things that fill our everyday life about which we feel some shame or self-consciousness, don’t care, or don’t always pay attention to. And, as much as I won’t be revealing my Jessica Drew-ness anytime soon, I can assure you I’m not a 8-year old boy (my niece tells me if anyone’s talking about poop, it’s one of her classmates).

Although, truth be told, my inner 8-year old boy cracked up to no end to find this headline on the interwebs: Are You Pooping All Wrong?

Not only do I very much wish I had written that headline, I now wish I’d come up with the  idea for the article’s raison d’être: The Squatty Potty ™.  If people are told that they are carrying “5 to 20 pounds of fecal matter in their digestive system day to day”  – that’s bound to scare the shit out of anyone [couldn’t resist]. Now, if the people doing the telling can alleviate said condition with a product that retails for a mere $24.99, then that’s genius. I would buy that***.

Hey, even if I’m not talking about literal poop (I often do deal with my metaphysical blockages), this article gets right to my core: “Everyone likes a good poo, and with the _________, you are rarely denied a full complete elimination.” There are days when I feel desperate for a full and complete elimination of what ails me (stress, anger, boredom, indigestion). I want a magic potion or product to guarantee me relief.  Does that really exist?

***I wouldn’t buy that. I would look at the product website and say, Hmm, prop my feet up on something to keep my knees over my elbows while I poop? Yeah, I can do that for free.