One juice down, 50lbs to go.

shakeI feel healthier already.

Nah, this isn’t one of those blogs. I just wanted to admit to myself that I fell for it. That self-important smugness of better-than and right-path-edness. I make one shake, and it’s “Ooh, aren’t I going to be such a healthy person?” But that’s crap, and that’s not what’s going to help unload my spare tire.

Look, I know (and love!) people who do Shakeology. But they’re also disciplined about healthy eating and exercise – in real ways, so it makes sense. I can’t do packaged/branded health because it doesn’t work for me. I get lulled into feeling ‘achievement’ after shopping for accessories, when that feeling should probably earned by making real and better health choices.

So, will I use the juicer again? Sure. Kale tastes much better when it’s masked by puréed tropical fruit.

[Cup w/lid & straw courtesy of a fall trip to the North Carolina State Fair. See, paying $6 for that lemonade was totally worth it!]