Your blog post made me do it.

duty_callsI’m still fairly new in happy, happy blogland, so I’m not familiar with the terrain, and certainly not with the etiquette.

Here are my questions: If disagree with something in your post, or if I find something offensive, is it my sworn duty as human/truthteller/anonymous superhero to take action? To what degree may I impart some indignant self-righteousness upon your ass [or at least your comments section]? Is that more/less effective than just ignoring you? Would it hurt your feelings if I just stopped following you?

But, would it be antithetical to attack your personal thoughts, missives, etc. if I expected freedom to craft my own? When we hit that “Publish” button, are we making an implicit contract with the blogging world to take responsibility for the impact of our words? Is there a blog equivalent of bending over?

I’ve yet to incur the wrath of the interwebs (that I know of). And while I’ve had a lot of eye-rolling moments at spelling and syntax snafus (and the always awesome alliteration), as well as some eyebrow-raising moments at some of what rolls through my WordPress Reader, I’ve yet to feel the need to summon villagers with pitchforks and the like.

On a related note, and a prime example of my blogging naiveté, I’ve picked up on the word “trolling” – what is that, exactly?