23 Followers? Quick! Say something! Redecorate!

I started off writing for myself. Now, people are listening. 23 followers? It’s like having people suddenly drop over your house (or, in my case, outer-borough apartment). You suddenly want to clean up.

Just last week, I commented on another blog:
“Though I wonder if the writing changes (intentionally or not) if one knows they’re writing to an audience, rather than to the void.”

I don’t think my writing is changing much (ask me when I get to 25 followers), but I have this overwhelming need to redecorate, to contextualize my ramblings into a ‘style’ that would be much more…me? Is that possible?  Do I have a mental aesthetic? Is there a WordPress theme that resembles literary vomit? For whatever my goals are for my readers, will a site theme reasonably convey those goals? Or do I redecorate for me? If so, then this blog would look an awful lot like my couch.