Why I Hate People: Snow Day Edition

Car in Snow

I  don’t hate all people. Just the same old lady who always parks in front of me on snow days. Coincidence? Maybe it’s karma.

Maybe this is something only city folks can understand. I’m usually pretty good about going out there to shovel my car out after a snowstorm. And, big civically-minded nerd that I am,  I pay attention to all those tweets from the Mayor and the NYC Sanitation Commissioner who say, “Don’t shovel your car snow out into the street.” So, when I do a bangtastic job of snowing my car out without compromising anyone else, without dumping that snow onto anyone’s property, in the sidewalk, or in someone else car space, you should RESPECT THAT!

So, you, old lady with the Buick Regal who, for the second snowstorm in a row, comes out an hour after I do, and shovels out your car (in front of mine) by dumping snow in my tire path, and then goes along your merry way – YOU SUCK! I would leave you a mean note on your car detailing my account of your abject ass-hattery. But it’s really windy out, and I hate littering. So, let’s hope you spend hours trolling under-the-radar blogs that only 18 people follow (Thanks you guys!), and come across this rant, and know, deep down in the bottom of your blue-parka’d soul, that I’m talking about YOU.

On the off chance that I feel so compelled as to impart some justice on her ass, are cars like bicycles, where you can let the air out of tires by unscrewing a cap? That’s about as high a level of criminal hijinks I can get behind…

(The photo above was my car parked on 122nd St. in Harlem, Dec. 2010.)