Long-distance masochist

ImageHaving a good friend who’s a personal trainer willing to work with you for free sounds like a great deal.

Unless you really are 50 pounds overweight.

And unless that friend is uncompromising. And mean.

Your only salvation is that he lives 450 miles away, and your free sessions are brought to you only by the magic of Skype. Avoidance is easy. At first. Then the crushing guilt of 25 years of friendship weighs on you. This is made all the more difficult by the fact that you’re already carrying around those unnecessary 50 pounds.

But it’s day 2 of of 7 12-hour workdays. Oh, yes. all seven days. Monday through Sunday will be a wondrous carnival of misery, anticipation, yelling, and stress eating. Then it gets bad.

I would hope that the lessons I have been able to endure…I mean, absorb…find someplace safe to land in my brain, in one of those places that trigger positive action. Frankly, any action will do.

And while I might not actually be able to keep my Thursday night Skypepointment, I hope to muster up some measure of will so as to avoid utter failure in my quest to be a better, brighter, more wonderful me.