Sad Hat: A corporeal and cerebral journey

Sad Hat

It’s been a while. I suppose all writers have their dry spells, thrilled to finally have a life, rather than living for the page. And yes, there is life beyond the soulless sphere….nope.

I like the page. I like the void. I like the anonymous, jargonous mess of ideas and identities that is the interwebs. I haven’t  lived much since my last post, merely caught up in the everyday. But with the dawning of the new year, and this soon-to-be over-hashtagged #polarvortex, I challenged myself: to exercise –  dare I say, exorcise –  the temporal, as well as the cerebral.

So, as often as I want to write, I have to move. This isn’t just another weight-loss resolution. I want to move. I want to do.

↑ See that hat? It wants to go places. It wants to see shows;  it wants to go to the opera; it wants to take walks; it wants to read books (hard copy); it wants to take on gravity and learn to snowboard; it wants to make sure its health insurance is up to date for that.

So, here’s to the Adventures of Sad Hat. May its tales be woven through the general ramblings found here, may its adventures be plentiful, may it find a spring/summer-appropriate surrogate, and may it survive the lingering bronchitis that’s kept it indoors for the past few days.