October 11

Body Hungry vs. Soul Hungry

gluttony22I was a pretentious literary aspirant in high school. For a final project, I once wrote about the connections between food and literature. Food as symbol, as metaphor, as allegory. I even wrote the report on the back of a milk carton, cereal box, and brownie mix box. Okay, I wasn’t trying to be pretentious. I was actually earnestly wrapped up in the idea that for many, communication with the world is best done through food. Or books. Or both.

During that project, I came across a phrase that made an impact on my work…then, and now, as it’s still stuck in my craw: “‘Tis better to be body hungry, than soul hungry.” It was attributed to a ‘Kentucky mountain woman’ during the Great Depression.

Wouldn’t that be something? To be able to subjugate our corporeal needs to our spiritual ones. Something, yes indeed.

***This would possibly be a more impressive post, if I didn’t actually admit that I’m not quite there on the enlightenment scale. I mean, this blogtastic exploration came about as I struggled with the decision of what to do for lunch. I sat here, (body) hungry, thinking, “I don’t want to drive anywhere. Who delivers?” Then I thought, “Man, I’m selfish. People everywhere who have less than me, and all I can think about is myself” (soul hungry).


Sushi. Yep. Sushi.