October 10


Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 12.49.31 PMI have the sudden urge to write letters. In fact, I wrote 2 today. Alright, they weren’t so much letters as they were a magazine subscription renewal and a payment for copies of my medical records. But there were envelopes and stamps involved.

As I wrote out the envelopes by hand, it was a strange sensation – writing. I suppose I don’t do so much of that these days, with all the typing, texting, facebooking, instagramming, and kindling I do. It was fascinating, watching my hand grip the pen, seeing my hand move to create characters on a page. It was a much more visceral experience than I ever get from fingers on keyboard. It was somewhat akin to discovering fire…I was discovering some lost form of communication, where there was a stronger connection from brain to hand to paper than might emerge on a computer screen.

Now, this might be the Nyquil haze talking (home sick for the past few days), but I want to jumpstart a Luddite’s renaissance. Today, I wrote out a bill. Tomorrow, I write real letters (anyone want to be my penpal?), and next week, I read an actual book. With pages, not digital bookmarks.

Friends! We must away to a library!