Old school directionality: the moral compass

ImageThe GPS device is ubiquitous these days. From our Garmins, to TomToms (drunk-branding much?), to smartphones. There’s always something telling us where we are, and where we want to go. And even the venerable Dr. Seuss (rhymes with ‘voice‘, not ‘juice’) has gotten in the destiny-plotting game. But, what about the places we should go?

GPS is great at pinpointing a specific location. But what about general direction? Wasn’t there a time, when dirty hippies ruled the world, and we were told to care about the journey, rather than the destination? Wait, that might have been Miley Cyrus.

Even the 10 commandments – there are just 10 of them. Is avoiding them and only them (but being guilty of everything in between) all that’s required for salvation?  I’m not the most self-reflective person, nor do I really care about how others/the universe/space buddha judge(s) me. I’m just starting to wonder if I pay enough attention to myself to judge.

Sure, of the ‘top 10’, the only things I’m in the clear about are murder and adultery. But, in general, shouldn’t we (not ‘I’ – I’m taking you all down with me) be better? Shouldn’t we be more accountable? Shouldn’t we be more honest? Shouldn’t we be more compassionate? And I want these things to be true for this life, not for some afterlife. The simple truth is, I don’t  want to go through life just keeping myself from punching douchebags in the street. I just want people to stop being douchebags. And I might just return the favor.