In the Company of Others

IMG00707-20101119-0949In the last 100 days or so (or however long it’s been since I’ve posted), I’ve tried to live in the world, rather than in the word. It’s been a worthy experiment, but I miss being in my head. All my friends are in there.

I’m currently in the midst of one of my human interaction experiments, otherwise known as Going On Vacation With Friends. It’s pleasant and all, but all the togetherness can be cloying.

Some things come naturally, yet other forms of engagement seems staged. Like the circle games we played as children. Usually they were orchestrated by adults, and it wasn’t as competitive as sports, or something. It was a way to universalize/equalize experiences, to get everyone involved in seemingly low-skill, low-stress. I don’t buy it. I play with others just fine. As long as I win.