The riddle of the world…

Essay on ManI am the smartest person I know.

Whether that’s true, or I just don’t know very many people is another story. But that’s the rub. Intelligence isn’t always a virtue; it’s often a handicap, especially when it comes to measuring appropriateness with social conventions. I don’t ask too many people what they think of me, but I’m fairly certain there is a balance of thought and compassion wanting.

Whatever personal virtues I pride myself in, they’re not always what are desired, especially in my most frequent personal interactions. Is it honorable to assert who (I believe) I am?  Or is it reasonable to ask me to change? Can or should I live, abiding by the moral, ethical, personal code I’ve chosen (can you choose it?) for myself.

I don’t know if I’ve reached any clarity, except that the very nature of this unknowing/undoing is embodied in something that actually resonates so clearly for me:

What reason weaves, by passion is undone.

– Alexander Pope, from “An Essay on Man”