It’s a Catas(apos)trophe!

apostrophe s I tried. I really tried to read your blog.

I’m new to blogging, so I’m trying to connect with others, to be inspired. You almost had me. Whimsy,  Boz Scaggs references, fun images. I was almost there.

I saw a blip, and I let it go. Even in my infinite awesomeness, I achieve a minor level of imperfection. Late nights and and an overload of pure genius can be a distraction. Then another. And another. The poor apostrophe, overworked and under-understood. Everywhere.

I would understand if you were an avowed misspeller. But a major theme in your blog is that you’re a WRITER. And you use the word writer’s when talking about the writers.  It baffles me.

Next week, let’s delve deeper into your fear of commas….