Laugh Kills Lonesome

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 8.48.19 AMNow, I’m fair enough to admit that I’ve chuckled at a few of those ‘vintage postcard’ memes that spout oddly wise, yet vitriolic humor. But I’ve wondered recently, is there a limited number of a-ha moments that we puny-brained humans have the capacity to recognize? I wonder that if people reserve all of their, “That’s deep!” moments for late night Facebook feed trolling, will we lose the ability to really listen, to be struck by simple truths and real laugh out loud moments*?

So, last night, of all things I attended a concert…(another blog entry will follow on resulting mental digression here). I accompanied a Mike Nesmith fan across state lines to see him play a quaint little venue. For the uninitiated….or the relatively sane or young, Mr. Nesmith, apart from having a solo career spanning almost 50 years, spent some time as a Monkee. Yes. As in, Hey, Hey We’re The…

At one point, he sang the song, Laugh Kills Lonesome. He told the story of how his inspiration for this song came from experiencing the painting by the same title, by the artist C.M. Russell, and how he was moved to write a song from how the painting moved him, just as poet Mike Logan was compelled to anchor his anthology with that same title…

That said, this was certainly not a concert I’d have attended on my own. I count myself lucky to not have slept through it, as I might have been wont to do. A sheep standing slightly outside the herd, I like my memes 3-D.

Laugh kills lonesome. That shit is deep, man.

(*So help me, if I ever shorten ‘laugh out loud’ to its godforsaken acronym…)