Fascinatorium Emporium

img_0643-e1313052462671I have a healthy respect for Musicophiles. Especially the specialists. From being able to deconstruct how Django Reinhardt recordings can be thematically aligned with the European politics of WWII, to knowing what color underwear Ringo was wearing when the Beatles recorded Yellow Submarine.  (Or maybe I’m confusing healthy respect with healthy fear…)

But, it’s mostly respect – despite the fact that as a Generalist, Specialists tend to find my lack of musical conviction contemptible. I do enjoy experiencing music. But  I don’t have ‘favorites’ in terms of style or artist. Not because I’m one of those people who annoyingly ‘LOVES all music equally!” Mostly I think it’s because I’m not particularly struck by lyricism, or musicality.

The effect is much more visceral; my experience and enjoyment of the music is shaped by my mood, and the activities I’m engaged in. It sounds a bit precious, but it is as if I’m scoring/soundtracking my life.This may explain why I have the Time Life Opera Series, as well as a healthy collection of world music, The Balancing Act, Jurassic 5, Mavis Staples, Eminem, and Hall & Oates.

But, I suppose you’re wondering  what I’m usually doing when ‘Maneater’ is playing?