Menstruation is just a design flaw…

cherry 3…it can, and should be halted.”

“Well, you just have to take that up with God/Universe/Gaia/etc. now, don’t you?”

Shudder to think that we have the audacity to challenge our own biology, genetics, the will of the universe…are we really the only creatures capable of this hubris? Or, if changing ourselves is perfectly acceptable, why don’t more of us do it? With as many self-help books and blogs that are launched upon the self-analyzing public, why are we still fat? Why are our teeth crooked? Why are children so sticky? Why can’t we naturally see in 3-D?

I see a lot of digital debate decrying our human expressions of god-likeness – “No to GMOs!” “No to antibiotics and nuclear waste-fed chickens!” Is this desire for holism, benevolent living/eating/medicating…is this benevolence and purity the sign of our god-ness? Or would we prefer that lesser creatures genuflect at our feet for our feats of genetic manipulation, and ability to create a nice, fruity screw-cap wine?