Geopolitics and urban whorefare

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.20.42 PMMany municipalities are made up of intricate neighborhoods held together (or not) by commonalities and shared identities. New York City, would be one of those cities, as big in real life as it is in the minds of its proud residents.

Overheard today:

Person 1: “I’m going to hear two candidates for NYC mayor speak tomorrow.”

Person 2: “You can vote in the city?”

Person 1: “You know that ‘the city’ is more than just Manhattan, right?”

Person 2: “Okay.”

In that suburbanite’s mind, the outer-boroughs don’t count. Or at least only loosely exist, and even then, only on HBO. The boroughs fight for distinction and relevance, and its residents old fight for what is/used to be. Its residents new fight for what could/should be. Everyone’s right, everyone’s wrong, no one is happy.

Even the corporate branding is every which way. There are the brands that project an ‘improved’, refined vibe. There are brands that project the ‘keeping-it-real’-ness of ‘urban culture. You have former ‘little guy’ heroes schilling for the Freshest and highest bidder (I’m talking to you, Majora), and ‘local’ flavors being imported from the Hudson RIver Valley. Who’s to say what’s authentic anymore? (Though much easier to spot free-range organic artisanal. Mostly because it costs more.)