The smell of my own poop…

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The human body is pretty amazing. It does things you can’t fathom, most of which you will never know is happening. As amazing as it is, it also doesn’t listen.

“Be less fat!”

Nope, nothing.

Well, that’s a conversation to be repeated at another time.

Of my body’s many talents and mysteries, I’m fascinated with poop. What goes on in our intestines (and other digestion-related organs that I have no idea about) that what we put in there comes out like…that. Most of all, I wonder how it makes that smell.

Poop is one of the great equalizers. Everyone does it. Everyone wipes it. Everyone makes some version of that smell.

In the privacy of quiet moments and plentiful toilet paper, I am fascinated with that smell. ¬†Without the Urkel inflection, I often wonder, “Did I do that?”

Yes. I did.

And it is magnificent.