Outrospection and blog-founding

entryMany people want to be heard, and many of those people are afraid to say things out loud. So we cower behind the brave new media – public forums with private identities. I’m perfectly happy to think things to myself, reflect, assess, then act. But there is this compulsion to think ”out loud” in writing, believing that one will have/needs an audience. This outrospection is self-serving, and not all that brave. But, it fascinates me, this external introspection.

How do I (anonymously) present myself to the world? Could any word or phrase adequately “capture my essence”? So trite, I know. Well, someone’s already beaten me to “Abjectivity.” I’m not as smart as I thought I was. Such is my fate. There are no more bandwagons to join.

So I will be what I mock, and will outrospect. I will wonder and explore, ask, and celebrate with my adoring audience of none. It’s the American way.