artwork wall 4 August 28

Symbolism, superstition, or how adhesives let me down

That one piece in the middle holds a particular space in my consciousness, as it may for many other people.

IMG_3468 August 26

If you’re looking for me, I’m not here.

Maybe I’m here, instead.

Dolls-2-edited-4 August 23

To little girls* who don’t know to love themselves for who they are…YET

There are others around you who have felt the exact same way.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 1.30.26 PM August 15

The internet is mean and science is angry

Luckily, scientists seem smart enough to realize most of the rest of the world are non science-speakers and have carefully interpreted [dumbed down] some of their most salient principles in ways we can understand.

afb2e7ae-2439-48c7-b26f-c94747ba4c77.jpg August 09

I am nothing without pretend

Everyone is audience to each other’s realities

pat August 05

Penpal-palooza: Part II (love letters and beyond)

To be known, to be understood, to be immortalized.

A girl can dream…

brain-melting July 29

Mercury Rising and Internet Avoidance

My routine for the past few weeks has been: Wake, shower, work, home, shower, eat, shower, sleep. It’s really all I can handle.

b e t u n a d a

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